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Site Visits


Before we put a shovel in the ground, we want to understand your vision for your landscape. Through our personalized site visits, we work to actively listen to your ideas and dreams for your beautiful outdoor space.


We want to eliminate the guesswork for you by providing timely advice, accurate information, and all the benefits of our years of experience in the Okanagan landscape industry.


We don't see ourselves as "just another" Okanagan landscaper. Our Caring Professionals strive for creative excellence in everything we do. Prestige is all about people. We take pride in making your landscape look its absolute best. Our team is dedicatedᅠto high-quality work in all aspects of our landscape designs and beautiful outdoor spaces. From stone projects and custom patios, to plant selection and irrigation installation; we want to use our talents and experience to work with people to create innovative, beautiful, and sustainable landscapes which transform ideas into beautiful outdoor spaces our discerning clients will enjoy for years to come!


Our site visits give our Caring Professionals an opportunity to see and experience first-hand the vision of our Discerning Clients, and begin the steps toward a space you’ll be proud to call your own.


Maybe you thrive on the details; blueprints and itemized lists. We can do that! Maybe you’re the opposite—a sketch on a café napkin is enough for you. We can do that, too!


Whether your vision involves many creative aspects, or only a few—our Caring Professionals are happy to provide the difference in the details, bringing your vision into your reality.


Prestige provides consultation services in planning and design for both public and private-sector clients. Our award-winning team of Caring Professionals works collaboratively within the disciplines of planning, landscape architecture, and design to create beautiful outdoor spaces for our Discerning Clients.


Our commitment to excellence and passion for the details is why so many people in the Okanagan Valley are proud to consider themselves a Discerning Prestige Client, and regularly turn to our Caring Professionals for their landscaping and design needs.

So whether you need a detailed blueprint, or a sketch on a napkin; we are ready to provide you with a clear picture of the steps we’ll take to create your beautiful outdoor space!


We know that when it comes to choosing a landscape provider, you’ve got a lot of options. It’s a highly-competitive market, but not every landscape provider is the same. We understand that everyone has a budget, and wants to see their dollars being well-spent.


When we quote on an installation project, we aim to reflect & provide the high level of quality, beauty and service our Discerning Clients have come to expect. Our Caring Professionals are trained to understand that our difference is in the details.


What this means for you, as a client, is this: when we quote on your landscape project, we aim to give you the details as we see them—the whole picture. We want to give you the confidence that we’re not hiding anything from you; we’re giving you the best information we can. While there may always be someone out there offering to do the job for less, we are confident that our quality and personal touch will create an experience that is worth every penny for you and your family.


When you join our Discerning Client family, we will treat your space as if it was our own. We seek to provide not only top-quality services and results, but ongoing support and communication along the way to providing you with a beautiful outdoor space you can enjoy for years to come.



Site Prep

We can’t always start with a blank slate. But we can work from the ground up.


Whether we’re renovating an existing landscape, or starting from scratch, our Caring Professionals are trained to see things from a different perspective with a view to the big picture; your completed beautiful outdoor space.


Our commitment to a strong foundation for every project begins from the moment we set foot on site and demonstrates that our difference is in the details.

Bed Design & Installation

A professionally-designed, well-planted bed can be the cornerstone of your landscape.


But often, there’s a big gap between professional design, and finished product.

It’s about having all the right curves in all the right places. Beautiful, sweeping arcs, rather than fierce undulations. Shapes and edges that draw your eye in and make you want to explore, instead of spaces you gloss over because they lack inherent beauty.


Our Caring professionals have an eye for beauty, which extends down to the smallest details of your outdoor space. Allow us to help communicate your landscape vision through your garden bed design!



Plant Selection


We believe in creating sustainable Okanagan landscapes, with attention to appropriate horticultural practices.


This means we’re serious about sustainable design and implementation in our local climate here in the Okanagan Valley. We don’t want to install plants that require obscene amounts of water, or do poorly in our dry, sunny conditions. We are conscious of placement, spacing, and plant-groupings as we work to provide ideal conditions for the correct plants to truly make your outdoor space shine.


Let our plant specialists assist you in selecting gorgeous specimens from our suppliers, as we seek to educate and inform you on proper care and ideal options for your unique setting.

Dry Creek


Our Dry Creeks add to your yard all the beauty and creative life of a water feature, without the maintenance and upkeep costs.


The Okanagan Valley is unique, with its semi-arid climate and hot summers. Many plants and landscape designs either suffer from lack of proper water & climate, or require that we spend so much time, money, and water maintaining them that they become cost-prohibitive and ultimately environmental mistakes.


We’re committed to working with our changing climate here in the Okanagan, and providing features and centerpieces to our landscapes that support and engage our local ecology through water conservation and Xeriscape principles.


Our dry creeks have quickly become the highlight of many of our installations, and our Discerning Clients love the way they practically care for themselves.




Everyone loves efficiency. Everyone loves their yard to be green. Everyone loves to save money.


A good irrigation system can provide all these things.

Irrigation is the unseen & unsung hero of every landscape. Whether it’s a drip system, or rotors & spray heads, in our climate, irrigation is often the difference between a green landscape and a dead landscape. The thing is, poor irrigation design & efficiency is something that can be fixed!


Our Caring Professionals are trained in the design, installation, and maintenance of most types of irrigation systems for your landscaping needs.


Whether you need a completely new system installed, or renovations on an existing one—or even if you just need an audit to see how efficiently your current system is working—we’d be happy to help you get your water usage back on track and your outdoor space looking beautiful again.




Healthy turf is a highlight in a well-planned landscape; it’s a splash of vibrant colour—a verdant reminder of persistent life. The best part about it is, good turf doesn’t need to be complicated!


Whether it’s seeding in the bare patches on an existing lawn, or rolling out entirely new turf to renovate your space with nature’s living carpet, Our Caring Professionals can turn your yard green in no time.



Water Features

Fountains can be a relaxing focal point in any landscape design. Our Caring Professionals install beautiful water features that will provide years of enjoyment and relaxation in your landscape. Let us help you find the right one for your beautiful outdoor space!

Whether it’s a custom patio or a pathway, our Caring Professionals can use pavers to bring creative life to your outdoor space. Contact our team today to see what we can do for you!

There are situations in life where it’s best to ‘hold it all in’. Maybe your landscape is one of those ‘situations’.


Our Caring Professionals have got you covered.

Whether it’s a short run of blocks holding in a flowerbed, or a larger wall retaining a hillside or slope in your yard—the right retaining wall can be a gorgeous addition to any landscape.


And with the variety of manufactured stone products available today, we can install a wall that displays your landscape vision to everyone who sees it!

Retaining Walls


Everyone has somewhere to go. When there’s a slope involved, we can make it simpler. Talk with us about custom landscape stair solutions today.


 Flagstone Paths

A good path is the gateway through which you experience and immerse yourself in your beautiful outdoor space.


 At Prestige, we want your path to be the path most traveled.

Our Caring Professionals understand the value of a good pathway. Access allows for creativity to bloom, for new relationships to form, for space to be created where beauty can inspire. That’s why we’d love to be a part of creating the pathways in your landscape dream. We love to see ideas become the road to reality.


So whether it’s a quaint & cottagey flagstone pathway, a meandering path of pavers, or a more utilitarian crusher-chip trail, we can help design the path that’s right for you.



Maybe you’re envisioning a bridge across a dry-creek bed. Or a real creek bed. Or a raised walkway through a flower bed?

We can see it, too.


At Prestige, your vision becomes our vision. With our Timber construction specialist, we can create footbridges, privacy screens, pergolas, archways, arbors, walkways, staircases, retaining walls, deck swings and more.


The beauty of natural wood will make any landscape feature stand out. Contact us for more information!



Rock Walls

Your landscape should be an expression of your vision.


An extension of your ideas and dreams for your beautiful outdoor space.

Natural stone walls tell a part of that story. Each rock is carefully selected by our Caring Professionals for its character, colour, shape, and fit alongside the rest of the landscape. When we build a wall, we’re insistent that ‘no stone goes unturned’, so we can see every facet of the product we are installing, and bring your landscape vision to life.


Whether it’s a short run of stone holding in a flowerbed, or a larger wall retaining a hillside or slope in your yard—a beautiful rock wall can be the centerpiece of your outdoor space for generations.



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We seek to provide open lines of communication between our Caring Professionals and you. Whether you’re speaking with our Crew Leads or our office staff, we always work to provide timely service and answers to help address the needs and concerns of our clients.


Our Caring Professionals are available to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. Feel free to find your Project Lead on the Staff page and contact them directly regarding any aspect of your landscape project. Alternatively, our office staff are available to assist you with any details surrounding your contract, billing, or general inquiries.


As always, we want to talk to you, and work together to create an ongoing client relationship built on mutual trust.”





At the end of the day, we want your space to truly be yours; which is why Prestige offers opportunities for feedback all along the road to project completion.


We want to take the time to sit down and talk about what’s going well, or proactively discuss changes to your project.

Then at the end, when everything is wrapped up, we want to hear from you! Prestige uniquely offers a face-to-face meeting with your Project Lead to discuss the highlights or concerns surrounding your landscape project. We will present your invoice, provide opportunity for feedback, and actively seek to address any concerns you may have. We all grow and learn together. This is what it means to be a part of the Prestige Family.


We aren’t about “day-of-sale” or installation without follow-up. We are committed to creating long-term, Discerning Client relationships, built on a foundation of trust, thorough follow-up, and ongoing service excellence.


So if you have questions after we’ve left the site, give us a call! If you’ve got concerns or need assistance, fire us an email! Your Project Lead would love to provide answers!


Want ongoing landscape maintenance to complete your package? We offer full-service lawn and landscape care, to keep your beautiful outdoor space looking its best for years to come.


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