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Site Visits


Before we clip a branch or a single blade of grass, we want to understand your vision for your landscape. Through our personalized site visits, we work to actively listen to your ideas and dreams for your beautiful outdoor space.


We want to eliminate the guesswork for you by providing timely advice, accurate information, and all the benefits of our years of experience in the Okanagan landscape industry.


We don't see ourselves as "just another" Okanagan landscaper. Our Caring Professionals strive for creative excellence in everything we do. Prestige is all about people. We take pride in making your landscape look its absolute best. Our team is dedicatedᅠto high-quality work in all aspects of our landscape designs and beautiful outdoor spaces. From simple lawn maintenance or basic pruning, to cedar hedges and advanced tree and shrub care; we want to use our talents and experience to work with people to create innovative, beautiful, and sustainable landscapes which transform ideas into beautiful outdoor spaces our discerning clients will enjoy for years to come!


Our site visits give our Caring Professionals an opportunity to see and experience first-hand the vision of our Discerning Clients, and begin the steps toward a space you’ll be proud to call your own.


Quotes & Contracts

We know that when it comes to choosing a landscape provider, you’ve got a lot of options. It’s a highly-competitive market, but not every landscape provider is the same. We understand that everyone has a budget, and wants to see their dollars being well-spent.

When we quote on a maintenance project—whether it’s a one-time job or an ongoing contract—we aim to reflect & provide the high level of quality, beauty and service our Discerning Clients have come to expect. Our Caring Professionals are trained to understand that our difference is in the details.


What this means for you, as a client, is this: when we quote on your landscape maintenance package, we aim to give you the details as we see them—the whole picture. We want to give you the confidence that we’re not hiding anything from you; we’re giving you the best information we can. While there may always be someone out there offering to do the job for less, we are confident that our quality and personal touch will create an experience that is worth every penny for you and your family.


When you join our Discerning Client family, we will treat your space as if it was our own. We seek to provide not only top-quality services and results, but ongoing support and communication along the way to providing you with a beautiful outdoor space you can enjoy for years to come.



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Starting the year off on the right foot sets the tone for the rest of the year.


Our Caring professionals take pride in providing thorough and beautiful spring pruning and cleanup services. Clearing your yard and plant beds of leaf litter, creating separation between shrubs to allow for airflow and new growth, and eliminating winter damage or die-back all aid in providing you with a leg up on your yard work for the rest of the season.


This is also an ideal time to consider re-seeding bare patches in your lawn, planting annuals, or renovating your garden beds to add even more excitement and colour to your outdoor space.


For all living things, breathing is essential, and creating space allows for healthy growth.


Core Aeration creates that space for your lawn. Because grass is such a dense-growing plant, it’s healthy to create space for the roots to breathe, expand, and gain access to nutrients and moisture.


When we aerate a lawn, it allows moisture and fertilizer to more easily get down to the roots of your grass, encouraging more stable, vibrant growth. Additionally, the plugs pulled up by the process break down on your lawn, providing a boost of natural compost and fertilizer in their own unique way.


At Prestige, we prefer to aerate in the fall; which allows for our fall fertilizer to fortify the roots of your lawn for the cold winter. As an added bonus, the snow breaks down the pellets, leaving your lawn ready to go in the spring!


Spring Prune/




Truly excellent landscape maintenance comes down to knowing what to do, and when to do it.


Our Caring Professionals are trained to understand the year-round growth patterns of your trees and shrubs, and to assess signs of stress or disease as they develop. We’ll take appropriate action, ensuring that our work encourages the healthy growth and development of the living elements of your landscape.


Our Summer prune/cleanup services build on the foundation of our spring work—continuing the investment in the health and beauty of your outdoor space, and providing you with the confidence that your landscape is in caring, professional hands.

Over time, grass dies. This ‘thatch’ creates a barrier which inhibits growth and blocks air flow, moisture, and nutrients from reaching the roots of your grass. Dethatching when necessary is a key step to providing your grass with its best chance to thrive.

Summer Prune/ Clean-up

Fall Prune/


Finishing the season well builds the foundation and sets the stage for the coming year in virtually every aspect.


As our yearly contracted clients can attest, a thorough fall prune/cleanup makes all the difference in the winter months, and provides a strong start in the spring. Leaves, if left through the winter, rot and create dead patches in lawns, slippery areas on parking lots and paths, and begin to degrade the overall look of a landscape. Grasses and shrubs, if not properly pruned, will sustain significantly more damage from snowfall and winterkill.


Our Caring Professionals are equipped to handle your

 landscape’s fall cleanup needs, ensuring that your outdoor space not only looks its best during the fall and winter months, but also starts out the new season on the right path.



Did you know that the grass we have in our lawns is not actually a native plant to the Okanagan Valley?


It’s true! This is why it is essential to take the time to care for your lawn if you want it to truly thrive. A healthy green lawn is an investment of time and money, but there are many things you can do to encourage it along the way!


Proper fertilization starts with healthy soil. Without a solid layer of healthy, rich topsoil, a lawn can continue to suffer for years. Soil amendments can be added (such as topdressing, etc.) to improve the quality of your soil, and encourage the growth of your lawn.


Soil composition is only a part of the equation, though. A regular, seasonal application of the correct fertilizers goes miles in promoting healthy turf growth and providing you with that lush carpet of green you’re looking for.


Prestige provides full-service three-season applications of ideal turf fertilizers, as well as optional supplemental applications of specific fertilizer products for problem areas or challenging lawns. Our Caring Professionals would love to set up a complete care plan for your lawn today!


You’re only as good as your last haircut.”—Fran Lebowitz

The same is true for your yard!


When things get out of hand, and your landscape needs are overwhelming, we’ve got solutions for you. If your lawn is invading your beds, we’ve got you covered. Perennials taking over? We can fix that. Shrubs turning into trees? Turns out, we can solve that problem, too.


We take pride in providing top-quality bed renewals and shrub/tree pruning that can reset your landscape to its former glory in nearly every way. Our Caring Professionals thrive on providing the timely care and creative eye that will leave you feeling like your outdoor space is beautiful once again.




Renewal Pruning



Colour adds life to any landscape; and the best part is, it doesn’t need to be complicated.


Just a few annuals splashed throughout a landscape can add that extra pop of spring or summer colour that brings a landscape to life.


Whether you’re looking for a smattering of spring pansies, or a riot of dense-packed flowers to explode all summer, let our team bring your beds to life.


Our suppliers provide us with high-quality, beautiful plants that will truly fill your outdoor space with life and vibrancy.



Cedar Hedges

There’s something stunning about a properly-cared-for cedar hedge.


At Prestige, we take pride in providing the Okanagan with beautiful cedar hedgework.

Our Caring Professionals know that a lot goes in to ensuring the health of your cedar hedges. Proper watering, good fertilization, and regular trimming all play a huge role in your finished product.


Our staff are trained to recognize and carry out best practices when it comes to caring for and pruning your cedar hedge. If it needs fertilizer, we’ll recommend it. If it could use a trim, we’ll book you an appointment to have it trimmed at the ideal time of the year for optimum hedge health.


Fighting with snow damage? We can significantly improve the look of even severely snow-damaged hedges, simply by tying them up and providing the support they need to grow strong and straight again.


Contact us any time to speak with a Caring Professional about your cedar hedge needs.


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Integrated Weed & Pest Management


No one wants weeds in their lawn or garden beds. But applying chemical sprays isn’t always the answer!


Prestige believes in and practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) on all of our properties. IPM seeks to provide environmentally optimal solutions to pest and weed control, from a holistic perspective.


This means that every element of your landscape and our care of it play a role in managing these pests. From plant selection & placement to pruning & watering schedules, from hand-weeding & mulch installation to spraying when & where it’s necessary, our Caring Professionals work hard to bring you an effective solution that respects both your budget, and the environment.



Anyone can mow a lawn. But it takes passion and attention to detail to mow a lawn the Prestige way.


It’s not just about pushing or riding a mower over the grass. It’s about the sharpness of the blade. The carefully trimmed & sculpted edges. The ‘striping’ that makes it look like a work of art. The smell of fresh-cut grass, and the cool, soft feeling beneath your feet.


It’s about a landscape provider who is as passionate about the way your lawn looks as you are. For that reason, our Caring Professionals are trained technically and given the best equipment for the job. Our Walker® ride-ons and Honda® push mowers provide a superior cut every time. Our Husqvarna® String Trimmers and Stihl® Blowers ensure that your edges and pathways are clean-cut and clear of debris before we leave the site.


There’s cutting grass—and then there’s Prestige’s difference in the details.


Irrigation System Maintenance

In our dry Okanagan climate, proper water usage is everything.


It’s easy to pour water over everything as if it doesn’t really matter. But today more than ever, water stewardship is key.

We believe in stewarding our natural resources to the best of our ability. Water is an invaluable resource, and ensuring it’s still there tomorrow begins with our management of it today. A single misplaced sprinkler head or damaged pipe can lead to gallons of wasted water, and dollars literally down the drain. Different plants have different requirements, and so often we find people wasting dollars and precious water on plants that can thrive on much less.


This is why our Caring Professionals are proactive with our irrigation maintenance and repairs, seeking to fix the problems quickly, and making adjustments to water usage as the weather changes throughout the year.


Let us set up an irrigation system audit and assess where your existing system needs adjustment, or allow us to do a complete redesign on a new system for your landscape! Whatever your irrigation needs, Prestige is here to help.



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We seek to provide open lines of communication between our Caring Professionals and you.


Whether you’re speaking with our Crew Leads or our office staff, we always work to provide timely service and answers to help address the needs and concerns of our clients.

Our Caring Professionals are available to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. Feel free to find our Maintenance Leads on the Staff page and contact them directly regarding any aspect of your landscape project. Alternatively, our office staff are available to assist you with any details surrounding your contract, billing, or general inquiries.


As always, we want to talk to you, and work together to create an ongoing client relationship built on mutual trust.


At the end of the day, we want your space to truly be yours; which is why Prestige is pleased to offer opportunities for feedback. We want to take the time to sit down and talk about what’s going well, or proactively discuss changes to your maintenance plan.


We want to hear from you! Prestige uniquely offers face-to-face meetings with our Maintenance Leads to discuss the highlights or concerns surrounding your landscape maintenance package. We provide opportunity for feedback and actively seek to address any concerns you may have. We all grow and learn together. This is what it means to be a part of the Prestige Family.




We aren’t about “day-of-sale” or task-execution without follow-up. We are committed to creating long-term, Discerning Client relationships, built on a foundation of trust, thorough follow-up, and ongoing service excellence.


So if you have questions after we’ve left the site, give us a call! If you’ve got concerns or need assistance, fire us an email! Our Maintenance Leads would love to provide answers!


Have a new landscape installation or renovation idea to complete your outdoor space? We offer full-service landscape construction and installation, to create the ultimate beautiful outdoor space for you, our Discerning Client.


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