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For this stunning project, our Caring Professionals pulled out all the stops in creating custom timberwork and landscape design for our Discerning Client.


From the design & integration of the woodwork, to the retaining walls, flagstone pathways, and plant & mulch selection--taking this yard from its previous state and transforming it into an incredibly beautiful outdoor space was a creative process that truly demonstrates the difference in the details that Prestige is proud to offer.

Best Western Hotel - Golden

Working for Best Western in Golden, B.C. was a unique creative experience for us at Prestige.


It took plenty of planning and coordination to pull off this week-long intensive installation project; completely transforming the look and visual impact of this hotel from something overgrown and outdated to something distinctive and beautiful.


Prestige Inn - Golden

Completed in conjunction with the Best Western project in Golden, our work for the Prestige Inn was also a unique creative experience for our team of Caring Professionals.


Taking the time to turn this landscape into a stunning and clean beautiful outdoor space was a big effort, but the results speak for themselves.


This project features new rock from local suppliers, new maintenance-friendly plants, and an overall design that will lend itself to beauty for years to come!

Cedar Hedges

Our Caring Professionals know that a lot goes in to ensuring the health of your cedar hedges.


Our staff are trained to recognize and carry out best practices when it comes to caring for and pruning your cedar hedge.


If it needs fertilizer, we’ll recommend it. If it could use a trim, we’ll book you an appointment to have it trimmed at the ideal time of the year for optimum hedge health.

Kettle Valley

For these discerning clients, our installation team installed a beautiful paver patio in place of a lawn area that was suffering terribly.


Along with the patio, we installed a backlit water feature (unfortunately not pictured clearly in the slideshow) which pours out of the retaining wall along the back end of the patio, by the rock bed.


New plants along the patio--and new trees in the backyard--finished off this project with a splash of life and colour.

Fall Clean-up

As our yearly contracted clients can attest, a thorough fall prune/cleanup makes all the difference in the winter months, and provides a strong start in the spring. Leaves, if left through the winter, rot and create dead patches in lawns, slippery areas on parking lots and paths, and begin to degrade the overall look of a landscape. Grasses and shrubs, if not properly pruned, will sustain significantly more damage from snowfall and winterkill.


Our Caring Professionals are equipped to handle your landscape’s fall cleanup needs, ensuring that your outdoor space starts out the new season on the right path.


Sometimes all you need is a simple renovation of your existing landscape--nothing fancy; just a step away from what was, into something fresh and new.


Landscape renovations don't have to be a complicated or overly expensive project. Often, simply moving some plants to provide a more ideal planting, installing some mulch, or changing the shape of your existing beds can bring that splash of life to your yard that you've been looking for.


It's amazing what can be done with a little attention to the details.


Our installation team did a beautiful job on this project--transforming this yard completely; from lawn to backyard oasis.


A brand-new paver patio, stepping stones across the lawn, new turf, garden planters, sustainable plantings in the beds, and a beautiful fountain feature all work together to make this space really 'wow'.


Whatever your current space, we can work with you to create a plan to bring your landscape vision to life!

Carr's Landing

The transformation on this project was truly breathtaking to watch.

This slope was initially completely covered in overgrown junipers--a landscape with no variety or texture. We removed the junipers, replanted and mulched the slope, added a gorgeous walkway and handrail meandering through the new bed, and installed two beautiful natural stone walls to highlight, accent, and hold it all together.


Our Discerning Client will be able to enjoy this beautiful outdoor space for years to come.


This project was an opportunity to demonstrate the clear difference that a good renewal prune makes in your beautiful outdoor space.


Either simply cleaning up a bed and creating separation between existing plants, or--as in this case--a complete removal of certain unwanted aspects of your landscape, creates a difference that can be seen immediately.


Whether to bring more light in through your windows, or prevent damage to your home's finish, sometimes you just need a change.


Even a small space can make a stunning statement.


On this project, our installation team brought beauty and life through simple, sustainable plantings and carefully placed hardscape elements, such as rocks, which provide a visual cornerstone for the site and naturally draw your eye.


A final covering of mulch provided the contrast that made everything stand out, and really brought this beautiful outdoor space alive.


When things get out of hand, and your landscape needs are overwhelming, we’ve got solutions for you. If your lawn is invading your beds, we’ve got you covered. Perennials taking over? We can fix that. Shrubs turning into trees? Turns out, we can solve that problem, too.


We take pride in providing top-quality bed renewals and shrub/tree pruning that can reset your landscape to its former glory in nearly every way. Our Caring Professionals thrive on providing the timely care and creative eye that will leave you feeling like your outdoor space is beautiful once again.

The Verve

There's nothing like a good layer of new mulch to provide a beautiful finish to your garden beds.


It's the "icing on the cake"--that final step that makes everything pop and really showcases the natural beauty of your plants.


Curb appeal aside, mulch provides many benefits to your landscape, such as weed suppression, better water retention, and further protection of the root systems of your plants, all the while providing healthy organic matter and nutrients where it is most needed.

Sandalwood Plaza

This project has been a labour of love over several years, where our Maintenance crew has slowly shifted the beds of this plaza toward being more maintenance-friendly and sustainable.


From removing overgrown and damaged plants, to replanting and splitting perennials and grasses to fill in the "blanks", this space has become more beautiful as time goes on.


The latest addition was a fresh layer of mulch, which just brings the colours and vibrancy of the landscape to the foreground and really makes the property shine.

Turf Installation

The difference that new turf can make to your yard is unmistakeable.


In a matter of hours, your space can go from empty, brown, and dead to vibrant and green--full of life.


With proper watering and initial care, new turf becomes a highlight in any landscape project, and can provide anything from an artistic feature to a gorgeous backdrop for your family's outdoor enjoyment.


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