Cedar Hedges

There’s something stunning about a properly-cared-for cedar hedge.

At Prestige, we take pride in providing the Okanagan with beautiful cedar hedgework.

Our Caring Professionals know that a lot goes in to ensuring the health of your cedar hedges. Proper watering, good fertilization, and regular trimming all play a huge role in your finished product.

Our staff are trained to recognize and carry out best practices when it comes to caring for and pruning your cedar hedge. If it needs fertilizer, we’ll recommend it. If it could use a trim, we’ll book you an appointment to have it trimmed at the ideal time of the year for optimum hedge health.

Fighting with snow damage? We can significantly improve the look of even severely snow-damaged hedges, simply by tying them up and providing the support they need to grow strong and straight again.

Contact us any time to speak with a Caring Professional about your cedar hedge needs.