Did you know that the grass we have in our lawns is not actually a native plant to the Okanagan Valley?

It’s true! This is why it is essential to take the time to care for your lawn if you want it to truly thrive. A healthy green lawn is an investment of time and money, but there are many things you can do to encourage it along the way!

Proper fertilization starts with healthy soil. Without a solid layer of healthy, rich topsoil, a lawn can continue to suffer for years. Soil amendments can be added (such as topdressing, etc.) to improve the quality of your soil, and encourage the growth of your lawn.

Soil composition is only a part of the equation, though. A regular, seasonal application of the correct fertilizers goes miles in promoting healthy turf growth and providing you with that lush carpet of green you’re looking for.

Prestige provides full-service three-season applications of ideal turf fertilizers, as well as optional supplemental applications of specific fertilizer products for problem areas or challenging lawns. Our Caring Professionals would love to set up a complete care plan for your lawn today!