Irrigation System Maintenance

In our dry Okanagan climate, proper water usage is everything.

It’s easy to pour water over everything as if it doesn’t really matter. But today more than ever, water stewardship is key.

We believe in stewarding our natural resources to the best of our ability. Water is an invaluable resource, and ensuring it’s still there tomorrow begins with our management of it today. A single misplaced sprinkler head or damaged pipe can lead to gallons of wasted water, and dollars literally down the drain. Different plants have different requirements, and so often we find people wasting dollars and precious water on plants that can thrive on much less.

This is why our Caring Professionals are proactive with our irrigation maintenance and repairs, seeking to fix the problems quickly, and making adjustments to water usage as the weather changes throughout the year.

Let us set up an irrigation system audit and assess where your existing system needs adjustment, or allow us to do a complete redesign on a new system for your landscape! Whatever your irrigation needs, Prestige is here to help.