Our Family


Steve Lemke is our fearless leader, strategist, visionary, and all-around great guy. He’s transitioned over the past few years into the role of pushing company vision and goals, assembling the management team to lead Prestige effectively. With over 20 years in the industry, his expertise and connections really help drive our team forward. Steve is incredibly passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces and distinguishing our work through the details.

  • Horticulture Diploma & Low-Water-Use Certification from OUC
  • B.A. & M.A. in unrelated fields of study
  • 20+ years of industry experience


Jill Lemke is Steve’s wife, and our support-person extraordinaire! She’s often the one you’ll hear answering your phone calls, and just as often is the one answering questions or sorting things out. She also currently handles our HR department. Jill has a phenomenal eye for the difference in the details. With over 19 years of experience in the industry, her passion for people and positive relationships with our Discerning Clients drives our family.

  • CIT (Irrigation) Level 1
  • B.A in unrelated field
  •  19+ years of industry experience

Maintenance Sales & Estimating

Dean Sutherland joined the Prestige team in 2018, with an extensive background in landscaping, horticulture, and nursery production work. He quickly stepped into his new role here, managing and estimating in the Maintenance Department, and has brought many fresh ideas to what we’re doing. His industry knowledge, experience, and ability to teach have been a strong addition to the team here at Prestige. His understanding of management and ability to take a client’s vision and bring it into reality have served him well and made him an invaluable member to our team.

  • Education/Certifications:
  •  Journeyman Certificate in Nursery Production from Kwantlen Polytechnic
  •  Landscape Horticulture Certificate from OC
  •  30+ years industry experience

Maintenance Foreman

Don Whyte came to Prestige in 2018, with lots of leadership and supervisory experience, which he was quickly able to use in our Maintenance Division. Don has proven to be a quick learner, and an excellent support and leader to all our employees—setting a strong example for the kind of character we look for in our employees. Alongside Dean, Don manages, trains & equips our maintenance crews to be amazing Caring Professionals for our Discerning Clients.

  • Education/Certifications:
  • Certified Chainsaw Operator
  • Pesticide Applicator’s Certificate
  • 3+ years industry experience


Installation Sales & Foreman

Joe DeSousa returned to Prestige in 2020 after a 1 year absence. His outgoing personality and extensive industry knowledge as a foreman make him the perfect newest addition to our sales force.